I know my most recent posts have been severely lacking with crazy amounts of time in between them.  I could apologize again and say I’m trying to work on it, but I’m sure any readers out there have heard it enough.  The truth of the matter is after Bacio’s surgery and recovery I was able to refocus my life on me a little bit and got caught up in my own life for a while.  The dogs have been fairly good.  Yuki is having allergy issues, but like the FHO surgery I could go on and on about that, and maybe in the future I will. I miss writing about the little fluffballs.  So over the course of the next few months I am going to try and make some changes to the site, and make it easier for those going through the FHO surgery or recovery to contact me if they’d like.  

For those reading this, who are considering, or are going through the process, and want another update on Bacio, let me tell you… This dog LOVES to hike.  He jumps over fallen trees, runs up rocky inclines that his momma trips and falls on, and oh man if he sees water… SPLASH.  I do keep a harness on him for hiking just incase I need to grab him up in an emergency.  It is amazing how far he’s come.  He still doesn’t like to play with other dogs though, he likes to go say hi to them, but then he runs back to me and leans on my legs.  I assume he’s afraid of getting knocked over.

If you would like to see pictures more often of the dogs and our adventures you can follow them on instagram @my2whitedogs.  As I said I plan on making some changes to the site over the next couple months, if there are topics or areas that you’d like me to write more about please drop me a line in the comments, and if you’re pup went through FHO please get in touch with me and we can share experiences!