Yuki battling allergies, but CUBS WIN!

About a week after I revived the blog, I had all these posts to write about regarding the ongoing health issues we’ve had with Yuki.  We’ve been battling cysts or abscesses on her toes for about 2 years now, a recurring rash under her chin, and sometimes her eyes get all crusty and itchy. The vet suspects allergies. The week I was going to post about it, she was having incontinence issues, probably from the Zyrtec we were trying.  

Around that time though, and on a completely different subject, the Chicago Cubs were also in the MLB post season and as a lifelong Cubs fan, that was a pretty big deal. Instead of writing in the blog, I’ve spent most evenings on the couch wrapped in a blanket in disbelief.

I told myself to post after the World Series (Holy Cow! It finally was our year!). that got pushed off until after the election, to after an out-of-town wedding, to today. Let’s get up to speed.  

We suspect Yuki has developed allergies.  For the last 2-3 years we’ve been treating numerous symptoms.  Blood checks have been done multiple times, we’ve seen a doggie dermatologist, and tried numerous treatments to combat her symptoms.  The blood results don’t show any abnormalities to make the vet or the specialist think it is anything other than allergies.  I’m at my wits end. She’s been on antibiotics, steroids (which we had to stop because she lost all bladder control), and allergy meds. Our last option is to try the prescription allergy drug Apoquel. My vet doesn’t carry it, so I have been looking for an online retailer I can trust. In the meantime, Yuki’s paws get soaked in Epsom salt as often as she will let me.  Whenever I think they are healing, another sore pops up on a different toe.  I feel so bad for my pup.  If anyone has any suggestions please contact me! PLEASE!!!!

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