About Us

Just a Girl and a couple of White Dogs

When I come back to my apartment, I walk in to the two happiest creatures on the planet.  They wiggle, and squeal, prance and wag.  Yuki will howl and Bacio will smile.  Yuki, an almost all white Siberian husky (she’s got a dime-sized grey spot on her shoulder), is the bossy older sister, who always wants her way, but secretly adores her baby brother and comes to protect him when needed.  Bacio Bear, my little Labrynees (Great Pyrenees-Lab mix), is the happiest dog with an old man’s soul, doesn’t quite get everything that’s going on all the time, but he’s going to fake it and smile like he does anyway.  They’re my 2 white dogs, they’re the little fluffs that have a way to make me smile even if the whole day has done its best to wear me out.  On the other hand they’re the same little buggers that manage to pull dishes out of the sink, breaking them on the tile floor, or somehow inhale a box of cookies that I didn’t even know I had.

I am just your almost average crazy-ish dog owner.  No kids, just dogs.   The three of us live in an apartment in Chicago, where we tend to share a bed at night.  We go to the park, we go to the beach, we go to the mountains, and we like  to just lounge around chewing on squeaky tennis balls and pulling the stuffing out of our toys.


The Labrynees


The Husky


The Human