Femoral Head Ostectomy Decision, Progress, Recovery

Since Bacio’s FHO surgery has been the main topic of my life and my blog since the beginning of the year, I thought I’d link the posts all in one page, so that anyone in a similar situation looking for information or looking for someone who’s been through it and lives to tell it can get it all in one place.

A Holiday Gift – some background on Bacio and How I discovered his hip problems
Step One – The X-rays and our first time meeting the doctor
The Decision – FHO procedure details, cost, and our surgery date
Before Video – A little video of how Bacio ran/walked before his first FHO surgery
Getting dropped off – the last picture of my little bear before surgery
Getting picked up– the first picture of my little bear with his battle wound
First Day After FHO – A more detailed post about Bacio’s first day after the procedure
Day 4 – I start using the FHO guide to help Bacio’s recovery
Cone of Shame – self explanitory, and hilarious
Cone of Shame Video 
Week 1 Progress Video
Stiches out – Before and after pictures of the incision
Incision progress Video
Falling on the Stairs, Part 1 – First attempt to go down hardwood stairs, fail.
Falling on the Stairs, Part 2 – A follow up with the vet after the stairs incident.
Funny FHO meme
One Month Post FHO – Expressing concerns to the vet
Vent. – Sometimes the recovery is taxing, I was just venting about another fall
Therapy Consultation – The moment that changed Bacio’s recovery
First Therapy Session – Complete with photos and video
Progress? – I start to sense that Bacio is milking his surgery for all its worth.
Two Months post FHO – A summary of progress, and my internal struggles with the recovery
Therapy Motivation – Video clip of peanut butter motivation
Another tumble – Bacio has his first good long walk, but falls at the end.
Three months Post FHO – Bacio graduates from therapy but we still have a ways to go.
Bacio Starts Limping again – Life was busy and rough and all the sudden Bacio’s limp is back.
Vet Visit for a Check Up and Limp diagnosis – The dogs needed heartworm meds and Bacio needed his limp checked out.
Four Months Post FHO – Progress report!
Video of Bacio running 5 months Post FHO 

FHO Part 2 Bacio has his second FHO.
2 Weeks into Round 2 Recovery has been going great and the stitches just came out.
Recovery at the Beach An update on progress in Florida
3 months after Surgery What I’ve noticed from this procedure compared to the last and how Bacio is faring