Femoral Head Ostectomy Decision, Progress, Recovery

Femoral Head Ostectomy Decision, Progress, Recovery

Since Bacio’s FHO surgery has been the main topic of my life and my blog since the beginning of the year, I thought I’d link the posts all in one page, so that anyone in a similar situation looking for information or looking for someone who’s been through it and lives to tell it can get it all in one place.

A Holiday Gift – some background on Bacio and How I discovered his hip problems
Step One – The X-rays and our first time meeting the doctor
The Decision – FHO procedure details, cost, and our surgery date
Before Video – A little video of how Bacio ran/walked before his first FHO surgery
Getting dropped off – the last picture of my little bear before surgery
Getting picked up– the first picture of my little bear with his battle wound
First Day After FHO – A more detailed post about Bacio’s first day after the procedure
Day 4 – I start using the FHO guide to help Bacio’s recovery
Cone of Shame – self explanitory, and hilarious
Cone of Shame Video 
Week 1 Progress Video
Stiches out – Before and after pictures of the incision
Incision progress Video
Falling on the Stairs, Part 1 – First attempt to go down hardwood stairs, fail.
Falling on the Stairs, Part 2 – A follow up with the vet after the stairs incident.
Funny FHO meme
One Month Post FHO – Expressing concerns to the vet
Vent. – Sometimes the recovery is taxing, I was just venting about another fall
Therapy Consultation – The moment that changed Bacio’s recovery
First Therapy Session – Complete with photos and video
Progress? – I start to sense that Bacio is milking his surgery for all its worth.
Two Months post FHO – A summary of progress, and my internal struggles with the recovery
Therapy Motivation – Video clip of peanut butter motivation
Another tumble – Bacio has his first good long walk, but falls at the end.
Three months Post FHO – Bacio graduates from therapy but we still have a ways to go.
Bacio Starts Limping again – Life was busy and rough and all the sudden Bacio’s limp is back.
Vet Visit for a Check Up and Limp diagnosis – The dogs needed heartworm meds and Bacio needed his limp checked out.
Four Months Post FHO – Progress report!
Video of Bacio running 5 months Post FHO 

FHO Part 2 Bacio has his second FHO.
2 Weeks into Round 2 Recovery has been going great and the stitches just came out.
Recovery at the Beach An update on progress in Florida
3 months after Surgery What I’ve noticed from this procedure compared to the last and how Bacio is faring

2 thoughts on “Femoral Head Ostectomy Decision, Progress, Recovery

  1. My baby just had the surgery. She has a sister, did you seperate Bacio and Yuki? Its her first night hime. Surgery was on thursday.

    1. Sorry for the delayed response I haven’t been as active here. It is probably a little late now, but when Bacio had his FHO I kept him in a crate the first few days with Yuki in the room, then I tied off the dogs because they really didn’t like being apart. This way they could be by each other by not cross each other’s paths. Yuki was really good with him though, and never got rough with him at all.

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