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Crawling out of the Cave

Crawling out of the Cave

It has been way too long since the last update, post, etc.  A lot of things have been going on recently that have draw my attentions elsewhere.  I apologize for that.  I know a number of people have found their way to this blog because of all the FHO posts and you are probably all wondering how the little labrynees is doing.  It has been almost a year since his second FHO and his hips are holding up great!  He still has a very distinct walk.  He almost walks horizontal, but when he runs, he runs like any other dog.  I have taken him out for mile long runs and he keeps up just fine.  It’s odd, but his hips still don’t look stable to me.  When you nudge him he’s very wobbly, and Yuki takes advantage of that when they are rough housing.  He usually gets knocked to the ground and I’m always afraid he will hurt himself, but he gets right back up and starts playing again.  He’s even slipped a couple of times on the tile, but never yelps and always gets up and continues on as if nothing happened.

I supposed he will always have his funny little walk, and his back end is always going to be a little weaker.  It doesn’t stop him from living his happy go lucky dog life.  He still jumps onto the bed, can make it up and down the stairs, and chases squirrels.  I know he’s not in anymore pain and that’s really what matters.

We’ve had a couple little hiccups in dog health over the past couple months.  Bacio caught a bug of some sort and after thinking he was getting better he took a turn for the worst, and had to get him to the vet and put on an IV.  It was some sort of doggie flu.  The vet gave him a cocktail of injections, and I had no idea that they’d cause Bacio’s eyes to dialate.  For the rest of the day after that vet visit Bacio was high on life… It was kind of creepy looking because his eyes were all just pupil.  Here’s a little snap of how that looked:

Doesn’t he look slightly possessed?

He bounced back after a couple days, but it was scary there for a second.  Yuki for the most part has been healthy.  She continues to get into things.  She figured out how to open the refrigerator a couple times, and has magically found other goodies and countless tubes of chapstick around the house.  Sometimes I feel so defeated by that dog.  She ALWAYS figures out how to get into something no matter how hard I try to “dog proof” the place.  Recently she’s been having an issue with a little rash/infection on her chin.  The vet thought it may be from chewing on her toys, so we threw out a number of them, and kept disinfecting the area.  It waned for a while but then came back even stronger.  I am currently without a car, but planning on getting her to the vet as soon as I can.

We’ve had a pretty great summer this year.  Instead of being cooped up and worrying about hips, we’ve gotten to explore the neighborhood and have meals on dog friendly patios.  We have this fish and chicken joint nearby, most of the seating is outdoors and Bacio and Yuki get to come with whenever a trip is made there.  I personally am not looking forward to winter, but the dogs are enjoying the cooler air.  We’ll see how long I last here before I pack them up and drive back to Florida!

Thanks to all the followers who continue to pop in even if I have been slacking off.  I will try to be better about updating at least a few times per month.   Until next time, hug your pets!






We are back in frigid cold of Chicago.  The drive up wasn’t so bad, but man oh man was it a shock to go from 80 degrees to -20 with the wind chills.  The first few days we were back the dogs didn’t want to be outside for long.  Bacio would shiver and just stare at me.  Yuki adjusted faster and was happy to see the snow.  We’ve been back for about a month now and they are both back to loving winter… I still hate it though.  I see nothing good about it other than my dogs look adorable playing in snow.

Yuki makes herself comfortable on the ride back to Illnois

I have received some messages on Facebook inquiring about Bacio’s progress with his 2nd FHO.  This time around hasn’t been the roller coaster last time was, but it hasn’t been as smooth sailing as it seemed it would be in the beginning either.  Initially, Bacio was up and getting around much faster.  I was very cautious this time about stairs and ice and pretty much anything and everything.  He was walking half a mile to a mile a day and things were looking great.

Once we were in Florida and he was walking everyday, things kind of plateaued.  we’d go out for walks and he’d be very stubborn and refuse to move.  He even popped out of his collar a few times.  I wasn’t about to give in to him since I knew he pulled tricks last time to get out of therapy.  I forced him to walk and once we got about three quarters of the way into the walk, he’d finally start walking normally, and quit pretending like he was sore.  When we got close enough to see “home” he all the sudden was cured and walked as fast as he could to get there.

A video clip of Bacio at the dog park

This is why it got frustrating, sorry if this is hard to follow it will make sense if you read it over a couple times… Last time his left hip was in pain while his right hip was recovering so once he trusted his right hip he was using that leg much more.  This time he was up and moving around faster, in my opinion, because 1.) he’d been through this before, and 2.) once the soreness went away he knew he could use the leg again.  Unfortunately, in the post surgery gimpy time,  the leg had gotten weaker, and it became much more of an effort to use that left leg.  The first time around he used his right leg because the left hip was in horrendous condition.  This time around he just continues to favor the right leg since there’s no pain and it is stronger than the left.  At this point in his first recover Bacio was able to balance and pee on an his right leg (this has been my gage of how well his leg is doing).  He’s only done that a few times on his left leg so far… That makes me a little paranoid.

However, I am not a vet.  These are my thoughts on the matter.  He’s going up and down the stairs by himself now. He runs. He plays a bit.   But he’s still not 100% stable.  He’s still a little wobbly but he holds his own.  He’s fallen on ice and tile and gets right back up and trots off. On the other hand, if he’s outside and playing in the yard with Yuki, then he has trouble getting back up the stairs.  The winter here in Chicago has definitely put a damper on things.  It has been subzero cold, and mama doesn’t have a fur coat like the two white dogs do.  Our walks have been kept brief, kind of a do your business and get back home thing.  The weather isn’t supposed to get any better any time soon, so I’m just hoping the stairs and the playing in the yard keep him active enough.

Back at home… hibernating

The last comments I have on the matter… I know I made the right choice for Bacio, because my dog is not in pain anymore.  How do I know he’s not in pain?  Oh, this is why. Because Bacio has turned into a little pistol.  He’s got this surge of confidence, when he’s in the yard he frolics and plays.  He barks. A lot. And he’s not so afraid of people anymore.  He’s gotten really annoying over the past month.  He stares at me and wants to rough house, or tries to instigate things with Yuki.  So yes, for Bacio this was the best thing I could have ever done for that li’l mutt, however I do not know if this was the right choice for my sanity.

B…b…but you still love me right?
FHO recovery at the beach!

FHO recovery at the beach!

We’ve been in Florida for almost 2 weeks now.  Once we got over the long drive we were out and about.  Fort Myers beach is very dog friendly, as long as your dog is on a leash and you pick up after it, they can be anywhere on the beach.  We’ve been going there instead of the offleash beach just because Yuki doesn’t do so well with water and other large dogs she doesn’t know.

Unfortunately It’s really hard for me to bring my camera or cell phone to the beach and control the dogs, so I don’t really take shots of them there.  Yuki is terrified of the water. When I finally got her to come in for a bit she attacked the waves, but when a big one came and went over her head she  looked at me like “ef this I’m out”.  After these past 2 weeks I finally got her to swim a little today.  I got her to attack the waves at first again, and then I ran further in the water so she’d come in further and she did.  We stayed at the beach for about half an hour… Bacio does well, he doesn’t move around as much but he’s walking with us and I’m sure walking in the sand is a bit tough for him.

On days that we don’t go to the beach we take a couple half mile walks.  One day I brought them to a dog park, but I think Bacio over did it there.  He’s walking very well now, occasionally he limps, but only when he’s trying to go too fast or looking for attention.  I promised a video of him walking so I took one with my phone and uploaded it to instagram… here’s the link:

Bacio walking 11/28/13

He’s actually walking better in that clip than he has been the past few days since the dog park… I really think he over did it there.  But he’s still getting around.  I haven’t had to give him pain meds at all.  So far so good!

Since I can’t take pictures of them at the beach here’s one of when they get back into the car all wet!

Lets make the car smell like wet dog!
A road trip with dogs.

A road trip with dogs.

Friday morning I woke up and finished some last minute packing of the car, loaded the pups and headed back to my apartment to drop my rent check off for December and to pick up our co-pilot for the drive.  We made a quick stop at Loyola Park while we were waiting for Nic to get off work.  For those not from Chicago, the city has 26 miles of beaches along the lakefront.  I thought it would be cool to take a picture of the dogs at the beach in Chicago before we headed to a beach in Florida.  Here’s the pre-departure shot:

Soooo Cold.

I couldn’t be outside for too long here because my hands were freezing off. Luckily Nic called within 10 min and I headed to pick him up.  We officially started our road trip around 3:15pm on Friday.  We drove through Chicago to Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and finally Florida.  Just past Nashville we switched drivers.  We’d stop about every 4 hours to stretch, pee, eat, get gas, whatever we needed to do.  The dogs just slept in the back seat.  Yuki would pop her head up every time she heard a bag crinkle or smelled the beef jerky open.  Bacio just didn’t care about anything.

We got to Orlando around 11:30am on Saturday.  The dogs were happy for the detour to Orlando and being able to spend a bit of time stretching out.  Nic stayed in Orlando and the rest of the drive to southwest Florida was all on me.  I stopped by and said Hello to some friends in Dade City, they have a ranch and the dogs had a nice long walk around the ranch and even got to say Hi to some horses, cats, and chickens!  After that little break it was time to finish the drive, and I ended up arriving at my destination around 7:15pm.

I’ve been here for about 4 days now, been to an off leash dog beach, walking around the downtown area, and today I went to Fort Myers Beach.  I took the second pictures of the dogs by the beach today:

Cloudy but warmer than Chicago!

Yuki doesn’t know what to do with herself here.  She’s chasing lizards, but not sure what to do with them, she hates the ocean, but she’s loving all the exploring.  Bacio is just Bacio… I get him outside and he just wants to soak up the sun and that’s about it.  He’s  been in the water twice, but everyday we’re walking too.  I think the car ride was tough on his leg, and he’s finally starting to get moving again.

I’ll get some video of Bacio’s walking soon! Also, I post pictures and videos on Instagram all the time, just look for my2whitedogs.

Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving, and remember to be smart about what you feed your dog!

Tooth Extraction/Surgery for my Dog

Tooth Extraction/Surgery for my Dog

If you saw the post about Bacio’s birthday, then you saw those giant beef knuckles that he was chewing on.  Unfortunately, he got pretty possessive of them, and wouldn’t share with Yuki at all. The problem with that is Bacio is not as agile, especially during this post FHO recovery.  Yuki tried to lure him out of the room and beat him to the knuckles, it caused a scuffle between the dogs.  I took the knuckles away and checked them both over for injuries.

Everyone seemed ok, no blood, no excessive licking, and Bacio was still moving his leg around.  Phew.  In the clear right?  Not. With these two? Never.  A couple of hours after the incident I was sitting in bed with Bacio and all the sudden his head started shaking.  It looked very Parkinson’s-esque.   He was responsive and able to follow my finger, but his head would not stop shaking.  I gave him a pain pill and shortly thereafter the head tremors ceased. However, when I opened his mouth to put the pill in there I noticed his tooth was BENDING OUT.  Holy Crap!  I panicked a bit.  I eventually got to talking to a vet online, and with the help of my dad’s neighbor had him on some antibiotics until I could call my regular vet on Monday.


On Monday morning I called the vet, and explained to them what happened.  They said he would need to have the tooth removed and to do that he needed to be put under.  So no food after 5 pm and dropped off between 8 and 9 for his second surgery in 2 weeks.

I was getting everything ready Monday night, and hadn’t given him his antibiotic or pain pill because of the surgery the next morning.  Around midnight he started having head tremors again.  I was terrified. I gave him a pain pill and again, they stopped.  I couldn’t sleep though.  I finally fell asleep around 3 am only to wake up at 6:15 to get ready to get him to the vet.

Dr. Andy looked pleased to see us again…. (please detect the sarcasm).  I greeted him by saying its me again!  I gave him the 411 on the head tremors, and left the lil bear with him.  It wasn’t an over night surgery so I was able to be back there at 3:30 to pick him up.  Dr. Andy said it was a very good thing I got him in.  Apparently he had snapped the tooth at the root, and a piece of it was way high up at the end of his gum line.  They had to go in and dig it out.  Ew.  Had he not gotten that treatment it could have very easily gotten infected, and being in the gums went straight into his bloodstream.  So glad and relieved that he’s ok now.

The doc was also very impressed at his strength and his FHO recovery so far.  He’s doing so well.  Now that it’s getting colder though Bacio doesn’t want to be outside.  He is refusing to walk.  So tomorrow we’re packing up and heading south!  I’ll try to update with some road trip photos when we’ve reached our final destination.

Happy 4th Birthday Bacio!

Happy 4th Birthday Bacio!

How time flies.  It seems like not too long ago I was on the phone with my aunt, telling her that I was considering getting a second dog.  My aunt fosters for her local shelter, so I told her to let me know if they had any Great Pyrenees looking or lighter colored fur, younger, male dogs coming through their shelter.  I wanted a Pyrenees because they had white coats and at least this way the dog hair all over everything would match.

I didn’t really want to rush into getting a second dog, I wanted it to be the right dog.  I was shocked and ill prepared when my aunt called me a couple weeks later to inform me that a Great Pyrenees looking mother and her pups had been taken into the shelter and she was fostering the whole litter of puppies.  She pulled Bacio aside for me, because he was the only male with green eyes.  I wasn’t sure I was ready for a second dog, but after she emailed me a couple pictures I decided to drive down and check the lil bugger out.

It was the middle of February 2010, I borrowed my dad’s 4×4 diesel pick up truck since I didn’t want to risk a long winter drive in my Mustang.  The drive wasn’t too bad, but finding where I was going in the middle of Tennessee was tough.  Once I got to my aunt’s house, she went to the pen to get the pup that would be coming home with me.

This is my first time holding “Bazooka”. His name hadn’t been changed to Bacio yet.

The little dog was terrified of everything. Wanted to just hide under the table.  When I picked him up and held him in my lap, he peed all over me.  When he was with his litter mates he was kind of the outcast.  He just seemed so Eeyore-ish for the first few weeks.  He grew to love his older sister Yuki even if she wasn’t exactly thrilled about him being around at first.

Why did you bring this home mom?

I found out about his hip problems and vowed to save up and give him the best life he could have.  Now on his 4th birthday, we’re 2 weeks post FHO round 2, and he’s no longer the scared, timid little guy hiding under tables.  Yuki kinda loves him now, especially when she thinks no one is looking.  I’m happy that his third year of life is ending with him starting this amazing recovery.  Being 4 is going to be like the start of a new life for my little labrynees.  Happy Birthday little bear!

Bacio with his birthday presents
FHO Recovery Round 2, 2 weeks

FHO Recovery Round 2, 2 weeks

Wow. I don’t know if my little bear understands this time that this surgery is good for him or what, but this recovery has been leaps and bounds better.  So far at least, I’m hoping it stays this way.

A short clip of Bacio walking 5 days post surgery

Yesterday I took Bacio got his stitches out.  I had to physically remove him from the back seat of my car… It was the only time I had a slight fear that he may snap at me.  I got him inside and again, when it was our turn to walk to the back, he wouldn’t move.  I had to carry the giant baby to the treatment room.  After they took his stitches out, the vet tech said to me, “I hope I never have to see you again!”  Me and him both.

As far as his recovery goes, he’s been up and moving around great.  We walk about half a mile a day already!  He’s also been super cuddly.  In fact, I’ve had to write half this post with one hand cause he keeping begging for me to pet him or laying on my arm.

This is from the other night when he insisted on laying on my legs.

He’s also been very cuddly with Yuki too, the two of them have been laying right next to each other.  Surprisingly he’s the one that has been antagonizing Yuki to play and not the other way around so much.  He’s not even on any pain medications anymore.  I have some spare meds in he for whatever reason has a bad day, but I am holding off on keeping him on anything because he’s been doing so well.

We haven’t tried any stairs yet, so I am still crashing at my dad’s house for now.  I’m really nervous about the stairs because that is when his recovery took a turn for the worst last time.  I am going to give him all the time he needs to get some strength.  However, he seems to be up and ready to tackle the world already!  This second time around as been so much easier so far, I hope it says this way!

Cuddles with Yuki… Yuki doesn’t like being caught in the cuddle act.
Second Femoral Head Ostectomy

Second Femoral Head Ostectomy

It happened.  Round 2 has officially begun.  Last Friday, the 25th, I dropped Bacio off for his second Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO) surgery.  We pulled into the parking lot around 8:30am.  it was closer to 8:45 when we got in the door, not because it was a long walk, but Bacio seemed to remember what happens there, and he refused to get out of the car.  Trying to wrestle him out of the car was quite a challenge.

I didn’t have to be there long once I got inside, I answered a few questions and signed some forms.  Soon enough the vet tech was there to take him to the back.  I took off his collar and leash as they tried to put on a nylon slip leash.  The vet tech cautiously asked me if Bacio was friendly.  I explained to her that he’s gone through this before and he really didn’t want to do it again.  He was glued to my leg.  I had to walk him back to the kennels myself because he wouldn’t leave me.  It was so hard.

I stayed strong all day.  I didn’t think about it too much.  I knew he was in good hands and that this was a standard procedure.  I kept myself busy with this and that, and cuddled with Yuki.  Yuki didn’t seem to mind that Bacio was MIA because she got a new femur bone to keep her company. It wasn’t until about 6:00pm that I started to get a bit worried, the offices closed at 6:00 and I hadn’t heard anything.  I tried to calm myself down… I decided to call them.

Once they answered I jokingly told the woman on the other end,

“Yeah I dropped my dog off there for surgery this morning and I just wanted to make sure he was still alive.”

She didn’t think it was as funny and put me on hold for what felt like forever.  When she came back to the phone she told me that he hadn’t had his procedure done yet due to two emergency surgeries that came in.  Initially I was upset and nervous.  My dog had been in a kennel all day, and these surgeons have been working all day already and they’re still going to work on my dog?!

After the fact, it didn’t seem like as much of a big deal as it was to me on Friday night. I understand emergency cases, if the situation was reversed and my dog needed emergency surgery I’d hope it would be attended to ASAP.  I just didn’t appreciate not being notified about the delay, and worried that the doctors may be tired after their normal days PLUS two emergency surgeries.  I finally got a call around 9:30pm letting me know my dog’s surgery had taken place and he was now coming off the anesthesia.

In the car on the way home Saturday morning

I picked Bacio up at 10am the next morning.  The waiting room was full of Great Danes!  3 of them! Giants! I went back to the kennel to get Bacio and took him outside from there so he didn’t have to try and make it through the dog filled waiting room.  His incision looks better this time around but he is much more reluctant to walk.  Today he’s finally getting around more, but he likes to stop and just lay in the grass instead of trying to go to the bathroom.  He’s only gone numero dos once since he’s been back and that was quite the ordeal.  His back legs are really shaky so when to assumed the position, he started to lose his balance as the turd was halfway out.  To avoid falling Bacio pushed off his good leg and jumped forward, poo flying out his butt as he did.  Then he looked up at me like… is the poo gone mom?  It made my day.

Walking after the car ride home

Now he’s enjoying being spoiled and Yuki is ever-so jealous of all the attention he is getting.  She has been moping around and hiding under the table.  I try to cuddle with her but she’s mad at me and trots off. She knows Bacio isn’t 100% right now too, she’s been staying close to him but not too close.  I’ve only been crating Bacio when I leave them alone.  For the most part I’ve been hanging out with them and its been one big cuddle puddle when Yuki puts her jealousy aside and joins the fun.

Yuki staying close to Bacio after he first got home

I’ll post updates along the way, but more than likely not as frequent at the last time.  I think you guys are all probably sick of FHO talk by now…

Back in Action

Back in Action

Well well well… I’m Back… Sorry I didn’t tell you I was leaving… thats just how I roll I guess.  My birthday is at the end of July, and I got swamped between work, seeing family, going out of town, developing new business ventures, having friends in town, and really dealing with some doggie drama as well.

Just before I went out of town in August, Bacio had started becoming a little over aggressive.  He even went as far as to attack Yuki one day and Yuki had a big puncture wound in her shoulder.  When I got back in town, my dad told me that Bacio was still being very aggressive there too.  It is so very unlike him to be violent or trying to hurt another living thing in anyway.  I mean, he’s definitely given me bruises and bloody noses, but its usually because he’s super excited and paws, nibbles, or head butts me accidentally.  It got me thinking to his hip problems, and I knew I had to seriously start considering his next surgery.

It’s daunting to think of him going through all that again.  It was so stressful for me, and I’m sure it was no walk in the park for him.  I kept saying I was going to schedule the surgery for the end of August, then it was pushed to mid September, then October…. I called to schedule his surgery last week for this Friday actually, but they were booked.  His surgery date is now the 25th.  I’m dreading it, but again, I know its worth it.

He doesn’t even know that in 2 weeks he’s going to be Mr. Gimp again.

Like anything in life, nothing can ever just go smoothly.  Sunday, we had a play date planned with Soma, the cutest lil red doberman puppy you’ll ever see.  I had a soccer game Sunday morning and came home to the sugar jar, the same sugar jar that has been on the counter for the past 4 years, emptied.  Yes a third of it was strewn about the kitchen floor, but the rest of the organic cane sugar was in Yuki’s belly.  I say ‘was’ not because it happened this past Sunday, but more because in addition to sugar all over my kitchen there was also vomit all over the area rug in my living room.  Chunky, syrupy, smelly, vomit.

I vacuumed up the sugar, and cleaned up the vomit while I left Yuki on the balcony.  I put Yuki inside so that I could take all the garbage out.  In the 3 minutes it took me to walk to the alley, toss the garbage in the bin, and get back inside, Yuki had tossed another batch of cookies.  Le sigh.

Everything was cleaned up, I cleaned the floor, and scrubbed the carpet with Resolve.  I even had time to sweep off the steps, and my landlord asked me to wipe them from dog hair being everywhere.  I couldn’t find the Murphy’s hardwood soap, so I used Pine-sol.  After this little 2 hour cleaning fest, I had about 10 min to hop in the shower before little Soma arrived.

We went to the park and had a blast.  Picked up a pizza on the way home, and as soon as we walk in the door from the hour and a half extravaganza outside… Puke! Puke!

I honestly have no idea what’s going on here.


She double troubled the kitchen. Thanks Yuki, that pizza isn’t looking as delish with your bile all over my tile. So, cleaned that up, ate pizza, took the dogs out to pee quick since Soma is just learning her potty ways, and Yuki’s rear end was now a high powered poo faucet.

Seriously, she seemed fine the entire day.

Now, as I’ve gotten way more into this story that I really intended, I’m telling you all this because that night, Sunday night, I slept maybe 2 hours.  I was kept away all night by Bacio, who was hacking his lungs out. I got him into the vet as soon as they opened the next day… Did he cough once? Nope. Did he do anything out of the ordinary? Nope.  Does my vet think I’m insane? Yup.

The vet examined in his mouth and nose, and played with his throat to get him to cough.  Nothing. He said if it were kennel cough, he’d be way more sensitive to his throat being touched and would be coughing constantly.  He listened to his heart, because coughing can be a sign of congestive heart failure (Oh please no.), but the vet didn’t hear anything unusual (Thank you Buddha!).  He told me to go get some off brand Zyrtec, and that it was probably and allergic reaction.  I did just that on the way home.  Popped the pill into his mouth and he hardly coughed at all the rest of the day.

I can’t be 100% sure, but I think all the cleaning products from Yuki’s SpewFest ’13, have irritated the little bear.  He’s still not 100%, I talked to my vet on the phone today about it.  He knows I’m super paranoid, and deals with me. He told me Bacio is getting older and may get more sensitive to changing weather, cleaning products, air fresheners, etc.  If he doesn’t get rid of the symptoms all together by next week, I may consider further testing, because if surgery is on the 25th, he needs to be 100% healthy by then.

At least he looks dapper right?

There’s 2 things that really suck about this. One is that surgery may have to be delayed, and the second is that the only thing the vet can pretty much rule out is the kennel cough, because he isn’t very symptomatic of that and Yuki would also be sick if that was the case… So unfortunately, there could still be underlying problems with his heart that a stethoscope can’t detect.  I’m trying to be optimistic, but man, this dog just can’t win.

So to at least end on a high note, I will leave you with this picture.

Cutest. Puppy. Ever.
Recent Happenings

Recent Happenings

‘ello luf.

Summer is here in full force.  Finally got the AC window units in and running, the dogs are much happier.  Yuki was surprisingly more tolerant of the heat than Bacio.  Maybe because she can comfortably lay on her back, legs spread, showing off her goodies to the invisible people in the sky…. or anyone walking by.

I had been sleeping on the couch before the AC was running because my room was waaaayyy too hot.  I noticed Bacio kind of milking it on his back leg again… It seems as though he was upset that he didn’t get to cuddle in bed with me.  As soon as the AC was on and we returned to sleeping in the room, him hogging more than half the bed, the limping ceased.

In addition to air conditioning, I entered Yuki into a photo competition for local Chicago based Caninelink.  They offer educational classes and seminars on dogs, getting into dog training, and consulting for people in the pet industry.  To vote for Yuki you must go to their Facebook page and “Like” her picture in the Breeds 101 album.  Or just click here, and like the picture.

Our last bit of news, the three of us went to New Belgium’s Tour de Fat in Chicago this weekend.  It was a celebration of Beer and Bikes!  I brought the pups as a way to desensitize them a bit to crowds and loud noises. They did fantastic.  Bacio was much more relaxed than I thought he’d be, it was actually Yuki who was a bit more overwhelmed with the situation.  They both handled it fine, and everyone wanted to be their friend.  They got lots of pets, and got to meet lots of new people and doggies.  My friend April snapped some pictures of the pups.

Bacio just chills in the shade. Photo: © 2013 April Yvonne
Yuki being the little pet monger she is. Photo © April Yvonne 2013
Ma, I can haz beer? Photo © April Yvonne 2013
And Yuki has had enough of this madness, we should probably go home… (she stuck her head under a bike and got grease on her fur) Photo © April Yvonne 2013