FHO Recovery Improvements – Day 4

Appearances Improve

Bacio’s FHO recovery is coming along.  It has only been the first few days of many to come, but I’ve already seen progress. The coloring around his incision is getting back to normal, and his butt isn’t so pink now that the hair is starting to grow back.  He’s finally getting more comfortable in the kennel, and actually tries to get back in the kennel and hide when I pull out the ice pack.

It looks like a football…

Sleeping Arrangements

Those of you in Chicago know how cold it has been… Bacio doesn’t like being outside very long cause his butt is so naked.  He does enjoy the fact that he’s out of the crate though. He rests much better out of the crate, so at night I keep tying the dogs on opposite ends of the room and I’ve moved the mattress to the ground. This way Bacio doesn’t give me sad eyes if I go on the bed with Yuki, and we can all get better rest.

Rehabilitation and Massage

I started gently massaging the leg to get the blood flowing better.  I downloaded a recovery guide from fhoguide.com.  I thought touching his leg this soon would bother him, but he fell right asleep.  Today when I took him out it was very cold, but he seemed to be putting his leg down better.  Once inside where it was warm, he walked with all 4 paws only with the occasional limp.

Yuki is starting to get cabin fever; she wants to play with her brother.  She sits close to his crate and patiently waits for him to be better.  Or maybe she just sits that close trying to get his toys and treats out of the crate with her jedi mind tricks.  She’s been on her meds for her UTI and they appear to be helping.  I will try and get a little video up soon of Bacio so you can all see his progress.  As I had mentioned before, pictures are being posted more often on the Facebook account.  If you are on Instagram you can follow us there to0.


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