Dogs are cute and cuddly.  Their faces are fun to squeeze.  My dogs love to be hugged.  Sometimes my dogs and I get into this hugging rough housing war.  Because there are two of them, one is always super jealous that the other is getting hugged and gets all up in my biz-naz. The un-hugged dog tries to be cute enough for me to un-hug hugged dog an start hugging him/her.  This goes on repeat until I either smash the two of them together and hug them both, or they start wrestling each other and I meander away.

Well my friends, today things got a little outta control.  It was time to go for a W-A-L-K (you have to spell it out because if you say the word they’ll act like I just told them we’re going to Disneyland, which is a topic for another entry).  They both run to the door and follow me in and out of the room while I’m looking for my other shoe.  Bacio does this wiggly whiney thing when he’s really excited so I started the hugging war.  I stopped the hug off to find my sweatshirt and he was wiggle following me as I was walking.  I went to hug him again and I started scratching his hips.  He got soooo excited about it he jumped up a bit and knocked me right in the nose.  I used to fight in karate, in my many years of doing that I only had one bloody nose.  I spar close to once a week now, and I’ve never had a bloody nose.  Something about Bacio’s big head is more lethal than a fist.  I frantically started looking around for paper towels, and managed to sprinkle Bacio, my shirt, and my kitchen floor with the brightest red droplets I’ve ever seen.

It took a while for things to stop bleeding, but eventually they did.  I was a bit light headed and did was any responsible adult would do in that situation and ate a Butterfinger.  I wiped up the dog and the floor and reflected on the situation.  I’ll have to start having people sign waivers  in order to play with my dogs.  Hug at your own Risk.