Back in October we lost Seek, my dad’s black and white husky.  Seek was with us for over half my life.  It was hard, but she went quickly and gave my dad kisses goodbye.  Seek was a talker, a lover, and the queen of my dad’s house.  As a dog owner you always know that someday the inevitable will happen, and you just take it when it comes.  It took some time, but a house without a dog doesn’t seem like a home.  When it felt right, my dad slowly started looking around at breeders, but he knew that no dog would ever be half the dog that Seek was…. So he got two.

A very young Yuki, and Seek.

Seek was always short for a very odd way of spelling Sequel.  Seek was our second husky, and when we got her my dad insisted we could only have another dog if it was a Sibe, and if we named her that.  Now that my dad is on round three of the Husky saga, one of the puppies, the black and white pup, is living the legacy with the name Trilogy, and the other pup is an all white pup, Karma.

Karma and Trilogy on their way to their furever home!

They’re both cute and rambunctious pups, but it reminds me how much work puppies are.  Bacio and Yuki are growing to tolerate them when we visit.  At first Bacio was terrified of them.  I think because of his hip issues, he’s very cautious and wary of these balls of energy constantly flying at him.  All the pups do is jump up on him and try to lick his face.

The pups inspecting Yuki

Yuki sort of wants to play with the puppies, but she’s also very  annoyed by them.  Yuki will be 8 this year and doesn’t get around as fast as she used to, but sometimes I can tell she wants to just run and chase Trilogy.  It took some time for all 4 dogs to settle and be ok with each other to the point where we didn’t feel like we needed to keep an eye on them.  When I visit, I like to take all 4 dogs out for a walk.  I will have them all stop and sit and stay along the route so they know who is boss and it helped them get along better off leash too.

We just got back from spending a weekend there.  Bacio and Yuki were pooped out when we got home last night.  To be honest, so was I!  The dogs are still sleeping while I write this, but they’re going to have to get up because its time for our walk now!



RIP Seek! 10/21/99-10/1/14