Earlier today I had a conversation with a friend about dogs jumping up on people.  We are in agreement that we try to train our dogs not to jump up, but secretly love it when they come to greet us all excited and can’t help be jump up all excited (but only to us).

Well I just got home from Target less than an hour ago and managed to finish almost all of my Chirstmas Shopping.  I, like most people, acquire super human strength when its time to bring the shopping bags in just to avoid another trip.  So I’ve got everything piled on my arms, and made it up the stairs.  Before I even opened the door I heard the pups getting all excited.

Once the door swung open two balls of incredibly happy energy are waiting to be pet at the door and won’t even let me in.  They were both pretty good until I got all the way in the door, and then…  the jump.  Of all the bags that could have fallen….

I was upset.  Yuki was just happy, so I didn’t yell.  I cleaned off the non broken eggs and put them in the old carton.  I was going to throw the other ones out, but I hate wasting food.  I hadn’t eaten lunch, so I guess when Yuki breaks your eggs, make an omelette.

With home grown roasted hot peppers, mushrooms, onion, cheese, and tomato

Well I’ll be.  Made that 3 fold omelette and served it up to myself topped with salsa and hot sauce, corn tortillas on the side.  As Sid from Ice Age would say…. Yummm-O!