Giving a Siberian husky a bath

Giving a Siberian husky a bath

Yesterday the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and Sam and the dogs were out at the park.  It was a beautiful day, but unfortunately the grass hasn’t had a chance to grow yet, so thawing bits of the park came home with us after our walk.  Where there wasn’t mud, there was dry dirt.  Yuki has been in need of a bath for some time now, but this was just the icing on the cake.

Look Ma, I sat in dirt!

Today was supposed to be close to the 60’s and I couldn’t find enough people for a pick up game, so I thought it’d be a good chance to wash her and let her air dry. As soon as I started putting water in the tub she became skeptical.  She went and hid in the bedroom.  I had to carry her into the bathroom and plop her in the tub.  I have a method to bathing her.  I gotta get her wet first, so I fill the tub enough to cover her paws.  I don’t want to totally freak her out since she hates water.  I start cupping the water onto her and once she’s calmed down a little I go ahead with freaking her out and turn the shower on her.  Voilà! Wet dog!

I really hate you today. I am going to pee right outside the door of your room when you’re not home, so that when you walk into your room you step in it.

I bought an anti fungal shampoo the other day because I noticed a sour-ish smell on her elbows.  I tend to be paranoid about everything when it comes to them, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.  Plus it is lavender scented and that’s nice.   I sudded her up, couldn’t take a picture because this is when the girl on girl wrestling match begins in the tub.  Yuki vs Sam.  It got all slippery, she ends up clawing my feet up unintentionally trying to get away from me.  I get soaked, and she never gives up.  Somehow though, through the madness, she gets clean.  The bath water is so gross and dirty, even after I’ve emptied it out and refilled to paw level at least 3 times.  She always looks so white and pretty, but man, that husky fur holds a lot of dirt.  I am also thoroughly amuse at what a stick Yuki really is when her fur is all wet.

Yuki is almost as skinny as Bacio when she’s soaked.

After toweling her off and letting her shake a few times, she’s released from the prison that goes by the name of Bathroom.  Every time she gets a bath, as soon as she’s let out of the bathroom, she darts around like a mad dog.  Then finds a place to lay down and lick her fur.

Am I crazy or did that bath just turn her back into a puppy?

Bath time is over for a while.  She’s just got to dry off and we’ll go for another walk.  Hopefully she won’t get too dirty.  At least she smells better now.  I think she’s really cute when she’s wet. She was staring out the window earlier and she just has a more wild look to her when she’s all wet.

She’s still wet, but look how nice and clean she is. If the background wasn’t my dirty apartment but a forest or something she’d look so wild.

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