FHO Recovery, One month later

FHO Recovery, One month later

Bacio’s surgery was a month ago, but it still feels like it was only last week.  Today we went in for a follow up appointment.  He’s still on the long road to recovery, but Bacio’s road might be a bit longer than most.  The stumble he took on the stairs may have set him back a couple weeks.  Although his knee and ligaments seem fine, the pain from the fall seems to have slowed his progress.

I was able to express my concerns to the vet this time around.  I mentioned how wobbly his knee looks when we’re walking.  His other hip is in such poor shape that he’s swinging it to get it around for a step.  The motion is making his knee bend in, and I am worried it will cause some damage.  The only thing I can really do about it though work on strengthening his muscles.  I’ve opted to take him in for hydrotherapy, even though it will definitely put a crater in the pocketbook.  The water exercises will take some of the stress off his other leg and get the muscles building faster.  The vet also suggested keeping pain pills on hand.  I’m going to see if he manages without them, but its likely he’ll need at least one a day (we’ve been on 2 a day).  On the night time walk this evening he didn’t even want to go 3 houses down.  Man, hip dysplasia sucks.

I prommmiisseeee I’ll have at least the video of the first 2 weeks up soon.  Its been hectic going back and forth.  I’m exhausted to I gotta run to bed now, just wanted to give everyone a quick update on progress.

2 thoughts on “FHO Recovery, One month later

  1. Hi, I’m finding your blog very helpful.
    My dog jut had his second fho surgery. This time on the left leg

    Its day 11 and he decided he wanted to be slick and try to climb the stairs.
    I stopped him about midway. He didn’t fall, but right after he started wobbling his left leg and his knee was bending in just how you described it. Im thinking of taking him to the vet tomorrow.
    Did your vet say anything else about his walking? Im just concerned about my dog and its crazy how this is almost the same incident that happened to your dog.

    1. I was just told that he was in pain, and because of the situation with his non-operated on hip being so bad that he was going to have a rougher time than most other dogs. Bacio is a pretty skinny dog and doesn’t have a ton of muscle to work with, so his recovery has been much longer than expected. The wobbly knee and leg were normal because of the lack of stability. About 3-4 weeks ago Bacio was limping again, so we went to the vet, and it turns out he was faking it for attention. The vet said his joints felt good and that his right leg probably wasn’t in much pain at all anymore. Sorry it took me a couple days to respond, I try to be quicker about these things. Let me know how your pup is doing! Hopefully just a little post FHO wobble walk.

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