Dogs in the Bed

Dogs in the Bed

Hey all.  Hope everyone’s holiday went alright and all the doggies out there got little treats.  To all the non-American readers, hope you had a happy Thursday.  I had tried to make a post on Thanksgiving with an adorable picture of the dagz but I couldn’t figure out how to do it from my phone.  Oh well.

So the weather has been getting colder here and getting out from under the blankets has become even harder.  Its just so warm I don’t want to step out into the cold.  And the two little fluff balls on the bed make it even harder.  If you want to be really warm at night, invest in some dogs.  They are like little heaters.

I mean, you have to deal with some negatives to get the positives of their fluff, cuteness, and extra warmth in the bed.  It seems like my dogs strategically plan where to lay on the bed so that I am contorted while I sleep.  I try to get them to sleep on one side of the bed so I have the other.  Yuki thinks she deserves her own pillow and tries stealing mine.  She also does this prancy walking around in circles thing before she lays down, and snores.  Bacio on the other hand, we go out at night for one last potty break, and as soon as he’s in the door he runs to the bed room and hops on the bed.  He turns into a boulder.  You can’t move him with all the strength in the world.

There are a lot of people out there who  allow their dogs to sleep in the bed and a good number of folks who just think its disgusting.  There have been articles going both ways about the issue. To be honest even if I read a negative article I will still allow my dogs to sleep in my bed.  Now we all know that WebMD is pretty much the scariest place on the internet when you have a runny nose or a headache, but they did have a pretty good article on sleeping with pets.  It says that there isn’t really much of a health risk unless you have allergies or the dog is chasing squirrels in its dreams and does that cute twitchy legs run thing, therefore disrupting your slumber.  (Could you imagine sleeping with Bizkit the Sleepwalking Dog?!?)  WebMD also stated that sleeping with pets may actually improve and help some people sleep.  I’m pretty sure that is my case :), except when I have to get out of bed then I just wanna stay there with them all day.

How about all you guys out there? What do you think about sleeping with pets?  Gross? A must?  Feel free to drop your opinion in a comment (if it works I’ve been having trouble with that). Please be nice in the comments.

Here’s that WebMD article if anyone is interested: 


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  1. Attempt #3…..Third times the charm right? Sleeping with the dogz huh….yeah, I let my pooch sleep in the bed, until about 2 years ago. I couldn’t deal with the hair on the bed anymore. He sheds fur like a tree’s leaves in fall. My washing machine couldn’t take it anymore….it actually went on strike. I had to sign a contract and everything….but on the other hand I felt horrible about kicking him off the bed. A guys got to do what a guy’s got to do though. Maybe I’ll get him shaved….and then dress him in one of those silly jackets when we go outside….it could happen.

    Ps. WebMD was designed by an agoraphobic hypochondriac named Bill from Decatur….

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