It has been way too long since the last update, post, etc.  A lot of things have been going on recently that have draw my attentions elsewhere.  I apologize for that.  I know a number of people have found their way to this blog because of all the FHO posts and you are probably all wondering how the little labrynees is doing.  It has been almost a year since his second FHO and his hips are holding up great!  He still has a very distinct walk.  He almost walks horizontal, but when he runs, he runs like any other dog.  I have taken him out for mile long runs and he keeps up just fine.  It’s odd, but his hips still don’t look stable to me.  When you nudge him he’s very wobbly, and Yuki takes advantage of that when they are rough housing.  He usually gets knocked to the ground and I’m always afraid he will hurt himself, but he gets right back up and starts playing again.  He’s even slipped a couple of times on the tile, but never yelps and always gets up and continues on as if nothing happened.

I supposed he will always have his funny little walk, and his back end is always going to be a little weaker.  It doesn’t stop him from living his happy go lucky dog life.  He still jumps onto the bed, can make it up and down the stairs, and chases squirrels.  I know he’s not in anymore pain and that’s really what matters.

We’ve had a couple little hiccups in dog health over the past couple months.  Bacio caught a bug of some sort and after thinking he was getting better he took a turn for the worst, and had to get him to the vet and put on an IV.  It was some sort of doggie flu.  The vet gave him a cocktail of injections, and I had no idea that they’d cause Bacio’s eyes to dialate.  For the rest of the day after that vet visit Bacio was high on life… It was kind of creepy looking because his eyes were all just pupil.  Here’s a little snap of how that looked:

Doesn’t he look slightly possessed?

He bounced back after a couple days, but it was scary there for a second.  Yuki for the most part has been healthy.  She continues to get into things.  She figured out how to open the refrigerator a couple times, and has magically found other goodies and countless tubes of chapstick around the house.  Sometimes I feel so defeated by that dog.  She ALWAYS figures out how to get into something no matter how hard I try to “dog proof” the place.  Recently she’s been having an issue with a little rash/infection on her chin.  The vet thought it may be from chewing on her toys, so we threw out a number of them, and kept disinfecting the area.  It waned for a while but then came back even stronger.  I am currently without a car, but planning on getting her to the vet as soon as I can.

We’ve had a pretty great summer this year.  Instead of being cooped up and worrying about hips, we’ve gotten to explore the neighborhood and have meals on dog friendly patios.  We have this fish and chicken joint nearby, most of the seating is outdoors and Bacio and Yuki get to come with whenever a trip is made there.  I personally am not looking forward to winter, but the dogs are enjoying the cooler air.  We’ll see how long I last here before I pack them up and drive back to Florida!

Thanks to all the followers who continue to pop in even if I have been slacking off.  I will try to be better about updating at least a few times per month.   Until next time, hug your pets!