Blood work is good!

Blood work is good!

I just got off the phone with Dr. Andy and Yuki’s blood work is all clean and good.  No signs of any infections, failures, or diabetes.  Also heart worm negative.  I find that pretty amazing since Yuki is a mastermind at finding anything edible when I’m gone, and even chews up non edible items.  I ran the tests mostly to make sure her kidneys were still doing good since she tends to get into mischief and kidney failure in animals is hard to detect.

She still does have the occasional issue with leaking while she’s asleep, I don’t know if its just incontinence or what… I’ve had her on UTI meds twice before.  She doesn’t leak all the time only once every maybe 3-6 months, if even.  Dr. Andy told me about a specialist that may be able to examine her lady parts better and give me a better idea of whats going on.  He said he doesn’t think this is an emergency and to let the other vet know that he can discuss the concerns with him.  If I haven’t said it already, I think my vet is really great.    The next couple weeks are going to be really busy for me, so I will start thinking more about a specialist visit with Yuki after the dust starts to settle.

Bacio seems to be back to normal, no more limping.  He’s excited to go for walks again.  His Uncle Steve and I took them for a walk around the neighborhood and had a bit to eat on a patio the other day.  We saw two rainbows, and everyone around us at the restaurant wanted to be friends with the dogs.  I tried to get a nice picture of them on the boulevard next to the blooming trees, but Bacio didn’t want to sit still and Yuki refused to look at the camera.

Tomorrow they’re getting a visit from my sister, Bacio will try and sleep on her legs and she will hate it.  Yuki will be psyched, and her tail will wag in a circle instead of back and forth.  On that note, I have to try and make the apartment look semi-presentable.

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