My last post left off talking about Apoquel for Yuki’s allergies.  I’d never ordered pet medication by mail and I had no idea how long the process was going to take.  It took about 3 weeks by the time I received the medication.  Unfortunately for Yuki (fortunately for her mama) I had a long trip to Panama scheduled in January. I didn’t want to start her on new meds, and be out of the country if there was an adverse reaction.

Nutrazinc  (Image from Howling Dog Alaska)

Image from Howling Dog Alaska

I had started her on a multivitamin/probiotic blend before I left and switched her to a different dog food. While I was in Panama I was thinking about my pup, and found a forum post about zinc deficiency.  The poster had said that the ZRD manifested in her dogs paws, not her facial hair loss and mentioned a Nutrazinc product she used. I ordered Howling Dogs Alaska’s Nutrazinc right away!

When I returned home from Panama her paws were looking less inflamed, but there were still sores.  I started her on the Nutrazinc and wanted to give it at least a couple weeks to see if it helped before starting medication.  She’s been on it now for about a month and a half.  I have her dose doubled from the daily maintenance dose. Guys…. her sores are all dried up! They don’t burst open anymore, they aren’t growing.  There are still scabby spots on her paws, but they are hardly noticeable unless you are scouting them out.

I'm so amazed at the improvements!

I’m so amazed at the improvements!

As far as her tail spot goes, I did buy a detachable shower head just for washing my dog.  I hate to admit it but I’m still not diligent about washing her tail.  Its just such an ordeal every time.  I have washed it about once a week, but don’t really see much of an improvement with the specks on her skin. The hair seems to be growing back.  I will have to be better about washing her more often.  I dread it.

If you never hear from me again its because Yuki ate me in my sleep from giving her so many baths.  On the plus side her tail will probably be better.