Week 2 of FHO surgery recovery- Stitches out!

Week 2 of FHO surgery recovery- Stitches out!

Wow, it has taken me a while to post an update, sorry about that.  To be totally honest there isn’t much to write about.  Bacio, Yuki and I have been stuck here at my dad’s house while he starts the healing process.  He is able to stand on all four legs, but you can see how weak and wobbly his right hind leg is.  This is an picture from a couple days ago:


Today we went back to Fox Lake Animal Hospital to get his stitches removed.  Bacio and I got to see Patty, the vet tech that made me feel better about dropping him off for surgery.  She got his stitches out right away and answered some of my questions.  Unfortunately for me, Bacio still isn’t really able to go up and down stairs.  I thought maybe he’d be ok, going slow and with a bit of help. I was wrong.  I tried taking him down the stairs to my dad’s basement… he was able to make it down very very slowly… but going up just wasn’t happening.  I promise there will be a video post soon, I just don’t have my mac set up to do so at the moment.

I have been taking video clips every few days, and along with that pictures of the incision.  Here’s a sneak peak of Day 1 to today with no stitches:

This was taken the right after I got Bacio in the car from the vet.
I took this today, after the stitches came out

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  1. Glad to hear Bacio’s doin’ it to it. That bare rug is a good look for him…he’s bringing sexy back. Fox Lake!….Scary business….watch out for the lemmings, they’re everywhere!

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