If you saw the post about Bacio’s birthday, then you saw those giant beef knuckles that he was chewing on.  Unfortunately, he got pretty possessive of them, and wouldn’t share with Yuki at all. The problem with that is Bacio is not as agile, especially during this post FHO recovery.  Yuki tried to lure him out of the room and beat him to the knuckles, it caused a scuffle between the dogs.  I took the knuckles away and checked them both over for injuries.

Everyone seemed ok, no blood, no excessive licking, and Bacio was still moving his leg around.  Phew.  In the clear right?  Not. With these two? Never.  A couple of hours after the incident I was sitting in bed with Bacio and all the sudden his head started shaking.  It looked very Parkinson’s-esque.   He was responsive and able to follow my finger, but his head would not stop shaking.  I gave him a pain pill and shortly thereafter the head tremors ceased. However, when I opened his mouth to put the pill in there I noticed his tooth was BENDING OUT.  Holy Crap!  I panicked a bit.  I eventually got to talking to a vet online, and with the help of my dad’s neighbor had him on some antibiotics until I could call my regular vet on Monday.


On Monday morning I called the vet, and explained to them what happened.  They said he would need to have the tooth removed and to do that he needed to be put under.  So no food after 5 pm and dropped off between 8 and 9 for his second surgery in 2 weeks.

I was getting everything ready Monday night, and hadn’t given him his antibiotic or pain pill because of the surgery the next morning.  Around midnight he started having head tremors again.  I was terrified. I gave him a pain pill and again, they stopped.  I couldn’t sleep though.  I finally fell asleep around 3 am only to wake up at 6:15 to get ready to get him to the vet.

Dr. Andy looked pleased to see us again…. (please detect the sarcasm).  I greeted him by saying its me again!  I gave him the 411 on the head tremors, and left the lil bear with him.  It wasn’t an over night surgery so I was able to be back there at 3:30 to pick him up.  Dr. Andy said it was a very good thing I got him in.  Apparently he had snapped the tooth at the root, and a piece of it was way high up at the end of his gum line.  They had to go in and dig it out.  Ew.  Had he not gotten that treatment it could have very easily gotten infected, and being in the gums went straight into his bloodstream.  So glad and relieved that he’s ok now.

The doc was also very impressed at his strength and his FHO recovery so far.  He’s doing so well.  Now that it’s getting colder though Bacio doesn’t want to be outside.  He is refusing to walk.  So tomorrow we’re packing up and heading south!  I’ll try to update with some road trip photos when we’ve reached our final destination.