The New Year Plans…

The New Year Plans…

First, lets start with a big Happy New Year to everyone out there.  Hope this year is even better than the last.  Maybe a year without predicted apocalypses will make people more calm.  2013 will bring some changes for my dogs and I.  The last two posts about Bacio’s hips (Background story here, and X-ray and surgery consult here) have led me to make the decision to have his first FHO procedure done.  I called the vet yesterday and have scheduled his surgery for January 18th.  I want to get him in good shape as soon as possible.  The reaction from people who saw his X-rays makes me think that Bacio has an extremely high pain tolerance or just won’t show me he’s in so much pain.  No one could believe he still goes up and down stairs and jumps on the bed.

FHO, or Femoral Head Ostectomy, is considered a salvage procedure.  It removes the knobby part of the bone and the nerve endings, with the intention of scar tissue forming a false joint between the hip socket and the femur bone.  I was nervous about this procedure at first because I’d heard it wasn’t good for dogs over 50 lbs.  Bacio is 64lbs.  They don’t recommend it for larger dogs because the weight on the hips is usually much more than in smaller dogs.  Lucky for Bacio he’s tall and skinny, and my mom thinks his head weighs 10 lbs alone.  I also have been scouring the internet for the last week reading about other larger dogs that have had this operation.  While with any procedure,  there are situations that just don’t work out for one reason or another, the majority of the feedback and forums I came across was very positive.  I am confident that I am making the right decision.

In the weeks leading up to Bacio’s surgery I will be offering discounted photo work via Rawkstah Creations!, my photographer moniker.  The details for that will be posted on the Rawkstah Creations Facebook page in the next day or so.  I’d like to have a cocktail party or something, but I don’t know if there is time to plan that now.  I have also created a Chip-In page if anyone would care to donate a dollar or two.  The surgery is much less than the first $4400 surgery I was anticipating.  The costs are going to be close to $950 with the cone of shame and pain pills, etc.  I will also be looking for a nice soft dog bed or two for him, and I may have to buy a new crate to keep him in for when I leave the house.  I have one now, but I’m not sure its big enough for him anymore.  When he is getting better with the leg, I may consider taking him to water therapy a few times because it will be winter here, and I don’t want to risk him slipping on ice if the weather gets bad.  That will be decided later in his recovery though.

So happy 2013 everybody.  While you may read this and think my 2013 is off to a rough start… This really is the best way to start the year.  And I’ll get to repeat this whole thing a second time when he goes in to get the other hip fixed.  That will more than likely be in the summer because he needs time to strengthen and heal the first leg, so he’s got something to support him when they do the procedure on the other leg.

He’s so cute.

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  1. Wow! I can’t believe his FHO was only $950! Here in Atlanta I was quoted $3,000 per hip but ended up being $2,700. My dog has end stage hip dysplasia. I found out in July 2015 when he started limping one day. He had no signs before that. I took him to the vet, they thought it was a cruciate tear, gave him Rimadyl and said wait a few days. Well the next day he was no longer limping. But being the pup mom I am, I took him back in for a check-up anyways. The vet examed him for about 10 minutes and said, “something is just not right”. They took x-rays and the vet said that Jake (my pup) had the worst hips she has ever seen. I was referred to an ortho vet, and he started hydrothearpy. He did that twice a week for four weeks then once a week for 2 weeks. He got better, but it was so expensive, I couldn’t pay for it for the rest of his life (he turned 7 in June 2015). In the past month he started getting, worse moaning and crying at night and couldn’t go up the stairs without bunny hopping. He has been on tons of pain medicine so I knew something had to be done ASAP. He had surgery today, and I’m picking him up tomorrow. He is starting hydrothearpy in two weeks. Did a orthro surgeon do the surgery or a normal vet? They did surgery on his worst hip, but both of them are really bad. I was told he would need the other one done, but I was hoping he wouldn’t. I know both are rubbing bone on bone and has arthritis. How hard was it to find the time to take Bacio to therapy and do the at home therapy? They have hydrothearpy on saturdays, but I know he will have to go twice a week and they close at 9pm during the week. Living in Atlanta, in traffic after work I know I’d never make it. I was curious how people are able to do therapy while working full-time. Fortunately, I’m not starting a new job for another week but I’m trying to figure out how he is going to be cared for during the day.

    1. Hi there, if I recall correctly the costs ended up being more aroudn $1100. But I took Bacio to a clinic and not an orthopedic vet. The vet specialists are very expensive. I recently just had 2 visits at a doggy dermatologist for Yuki and paid around $500 for them to not figure out what was wrong :(. I am fortunate that at the time I worked two jobs where I could sort of set my schedule. One of the jobs was like an on call basis, so on days he had therapy I would only take half day jobs, my other job I was able to set my hours around therapy because my boss was a dog lover himself. On his first hip we did hydro and laser therapy and some physical therapy. After the second hip I did mostly at home exercises because I had been through it once before. I took him to Florida to avoid the winter and had him swimming as much as I could. Now he’s good as new! He still had this really funny drunken looking walk, but he hikes, runs, jumps, etc. Hope you pup heals up soon!

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