Physical Therapy for FHO Recovery

Physical Therapy for FHO Recovery

Smash.  That’s what Bacio did this morning.  He was too giddy this morning and tried to move to fast and his legs did the splits.  I tried not to freak out too much.  He seemed a bit shaken up, so I gave him a pain pill expecting him to not feel so great today.  Morning walk was slow, I get so paranoid about his ligaments and knees when he falls.  He spent most the day in the crate while I was working and was happy to be out when I got home.

Unfortunately, his muscles just aren’t strengthening as fast as I had hoped.  He’s got nothing holding his leg in place.  When he lifts it up it just dangles there.  My last hope for him to make a strong recovery is going to be the underwater treadmill and resistance pool at Integrative Pet Care.  We have our initial consultation tomorrow with a therapist to figure out the best way to go about building muscle.  Tomorrow will make 5 weeks into the recovery, and I am not feeling very confident about how far we’ve progressed.

I don’t know if I should up the protein in his diet, try getting him to walk longer, or keep him quieter… Hopefully the therapists will calm my nerves.  I will update everyone tomorrow on what his professional plan for recovery is.  Sorry this post was more of a vent for me, rather than an enjoyable read for you…

Here’s a picture to make up for it.

they squeezed me outta the bed.

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