Pet Shops

Pet Shops

I was just checking our my various social media websites (you can now find links to the twitter and facebook accounts in the page header to the right) to see if there was anything fun worth sharing.  ASPCA created a video, that I think really needs to be shared.  It is about puppy mill puppies.  It isn’t one of those Sarah McGlachlan sad videos of shelter dogs.  And it is only a minute long, so I encourage you to give it a gander:

I always push for rescuing a dog, there are too many good animals that are never given a chance.  I understand the desire to have a purebred dog, I own a purebred husky. allows you to search for specific breeds, ages, and genders in shelters.  I highly recommend looking there, you may find the dog you want and be able to save its life at the same time (not to mention some pocket change, purebreds are pricey in stores).

However, if you, or someone you know, is adamant about getting a purebred puppy to raise, please please please go to a reputable breeder.  Find someone who has a real passion for the breed you are seeking, and a love for dogs in general.  These people aren’t mass producing puppies, but trying to keep a lineage alive and pure.

Lastly, do your homework.  Dogs are a lot of work.  Some breeds require more attention than others.  Don’t get me started on huskies.  People see dogs in pet shops and think, oh how cute, I want it, never knowing the requirements and care dogs need.  These dogs usually end up in shelters or being passed on to others, waiting for a second chance from someone who knows what they are getting into.

Just my thoughts for the day.  Have a Happy Tuesday.  And please share, if not this post, at least the video!

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