One week

One week

Well in one week from now Bacio will (hopefully by this time of day) be out of surgery.  I’m so nervous, but so happy for the little guy.  It will be rough at first but in the end I am sure this is the right thing to do.   He’s still afraid of his crate, if anyone has any suggestions on how to make that a more fun place for him to be let me know.  I’ve tried leading him in with treats but he just runs away and cowers.  I find it odd, because when he was younger he loved his crate, and would go in there to lay down without being told to go in there.

I think Yuki is a little jealous of all the attention Bacio has been receiving.  She seems to want more pets than usual, and when I stop petting her she claws my arm until I start again.  She’s been up to her usual antics.  Today when I got home from work she managed to rip up a roll of toilet paper.  My bad for leaving it in a place should could find it.

I will be posting brief updates about Bacio on twitter more than I will here.  So if you are interested in those, follow us on twitter @My2WhiteDogs.  I will post some more important things on Facebook, but I don’t want to flood people’s newsfeeds.  If you’re interested in more pictures, I use the hashtag #my2whitedogs on Instagram, and we have an account there as well.

Ahhhhhh! So nervous!  Kinda scared!  Sorta excited!  I just want to fast forward to when he’s able to rough house with Yuki again.  Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

I need to go do something with this nervous energy… Thanks for stopping by  and for all your support and well wishes!

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