Just Can’t Win. More FHO problems.

Just Can’t Win. More FHO problems.

These past few weeks have really wanted to stick it to me.  I have been so busy, that I sleep whenever there is time, even if that means from 3pm-7pm on a Sunday, and eat only after I find time to sleep.    I have been trying to get the dogs out and walking around while the weather is nice.  Bacio was making great progress.  We were getting on to walks that were a mile to a mile and a half long.  It was really promising.  He even started jogging a bit.

I don’t know if the hip feeling better made him feel bigger and badder than usual or what, but last week Bacio attacked Yuki over a stuffed Kong.  Of course it happened on the kitchen tile and Bacio has no traction.  Yuki retaliated.  Bacio now had a bald spot on the top of his head, a scab on the side of his face and a tiny scratch above his eye…. Yuki seems untouched.  I was on my way out the door for work when it happened.  They seemed ok, so I crated Bacio and left for work.  I got home and they were fine.  I only mention this because for some reason the past 3 days Bacio began limping… I have no idea why.  I don’t know if he wants attention (I’ve been working a lot lately and the dog are used to me being home much more than I have been), or he really hurt himself.  He’s limping more now than he did the first month after his surgery.  My dogs are due for shots, so I think I will try to get him to my regular vet on Monday or Tuesday.

In addition to that mess, I got home from work today and Yuki had gotten on the counter, snatched a bowl full of super hot powders, garlic, and a tomato off the counter, the tomato is totally gone, the garlic and the powders are still here though.  She also took a saucepan of oil off the back burner of the stove and lapped that up, and got a bottle of 1000mg fish oil tabs.  She probably ate about 150-160 of those.  Stupid dog.  I have had such a bad and rough week, and this is only making it worse.

I’m going to go try and relax for a bit…. Hopefully everyone else had a better week than I.

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