Four months and starting to think of Round 2

Four months and starting to think of Round 2

It has finally been over 4 months since Bacio’s FHO.  Through his falls and his limping, I think we’re finally in a good place.  He is running around and playing with Yuki again.  He gets up and down the stairs.  There are days when I catch him over doing it and limping a bit, but I have to think its more from being tired than from pain.  The vet said that he doesn’t believe Bacio is in pain on the right hip anymore, since they nerve endings were removed, and that now it just a matter of time to develop the muscle and the scar tissue.

Bacio and Yuki spent last weekend with their grandpa, who let Bacio out without a leash.  He said that Bacio is fine because he chases squirrels faster than Yuki can now.  Yuki is loving that her brother is able to be in the yard with her and even though he doesn’t run around much.   She zooms around him, occasionally nipping at him to play.  As of yesterday I finally started leaving him out of the cage when I left.  They seem to have done fine, but they ate a pack of tic tacs that came all the way from Italy! Dangit.

Because Bacio has been doing so much better I have finally started thinking about planning his next surgery.  As of right now I am thinking towards the end of August, to give him more time to build muscle and enjoy the summer.  I want to get it done before winter and cold weather hit, because walking a dog with no hip joint on ice is terrible.  So that being said, I think for now the FHO posts are coming to a close, until we start up again in August or whenever the next surgery will be.  I have been contacted by a few people about the FHO and what I went through, and for anyone else that is facing the decision, or just went through with it, please don’t hesitate to contact me about it.  I will always try to respond in the timeliest fashion.

Again, a big thank you to everyone who showed Bacio and I some support through this whole thing.  It was tough, and I’m hoping round 2 goes a little better.  I don’t know if I would have kept my sanity if it were for some of you out there.    Now I have proud mama moments when Bacio does things he couldn’t do before.  It was definitely worth it so far.

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  1. Glad to hear he is doing well! I would love to see a pic and hear what you think of his muscle development after 4 months. Dexter doing pretty well 6 weeks out from surgery, but his leg is still pretty skinny. I have him swimming and walking at home and doing underwater treadmill with dog rehab guy. I worry about his left hip now, and if it will be ok without surgery, as I often hear and feel it popping in and out of joint. It’s hard to believe they could manage with 2 hip joints gone! How much does Bacio weigh? Did you ever consider hip replacement? It was not an option for Dexter’s right hip (too much muscle loss and joint damage). Also the recovery period for THR seems very daunting. Just wondering about your experience with all these things!

    1. I will get on getting you a picture and/or video soon! I’ve been pretty busy lately with work and unfortunately I haven’t dedicated as much time to the blog. Bacio is much much much more stable now. The muscle doesn’t completely feel as big as his left leg but he’s getting there. I will get a second FHO done by the end of the year for sure. I initially was going to go the THR route when Bacio was diagnosed at a year, but I couldn’t afford it at the time (or even now really). I began putting pennies away thinking that maybe if I could just get one hip replaced that he’d live as a three legged dog. Once I was referred to the surgeon that did the FHO, I knew Bacio would be getting both hips done. The doctor didn’t try to sell me on it, when I told him after the first meeting I wanted to go through with it, he was the one that told me to take a few days, do some research and then decide. Bacio won’t ever have the normal range of motion that a normal dog does, but really, compared to his other options, a slight lack in his hip extension didn’t seem so bad. Bacio weighs about 65 lbs. He has been getting around pretty well lately, running, jumping up on the bed, going up and down stairs, instigating fights with Yuki. The recovery for the THR did seem daunting… I was actually almost considering changing my whole life around and moving to a one story house, or condo, just so my dog would be ok…. I’m glad I went with the FHO and although the ride through recovery was tough, it has been well worth it.

  2. Thank you for your blog. I have been trying to find some good information about the prognosis for FHO in larger dogs. I adopted my dog in October, and she has seemed happy and pain free except for coming up with brief bouts of lameness once every month or two after some routine exercise. I thought she had some arthritis, but x-rays today showed she has moderate to severe hip dysplasia. The diagnosis is pretty daunting, and I had a good cry while price checking the THR. I wasn’t sure how well the FHO would work for Bernice, since she’s 67 lbs and all the cases I was finding online were well under 40lbs. I was glad to find your story for a dog of similar size. What kind of expectations did they tell you to have for her activity level post-healing? I love to hike and run, and leaving Bernice at home indefinitely would be tough on us both. I hate to pry, but would you mind telling me how much the surgery cost, and the cost/ how often your dog has physical therapy?

    1. Well they told me one thing, but I found out another. They said my dog would be up and walking and moving around almost immediately after the surgery… I was so hopeful, but they didn’t say he’d be limping around moving slowly and shouldn’t over do it. If you’ve gone through the posts you’ve read about the ups and downs we had. Therapy saved Bacio, I don’t know where he’d be if we hadn’t gone to Integrative and done the hydro and laser therapies. I just posted a video of how Bacio is doing today, you can see that he is still getting around quite well. We go for walks every day. I haven’t brought him hiking thought because I live in a city. The surgery was about $950, which is on the lower end of the scale. I had his surgery done at a walk-in clinic/animal hospital. It was no frills, but I really did appreciate the service there. The therapy really depends on your dog and it also varies from place to place. Just be up front with the therapist and tell them what your budget is. There are home exercises you can do to help the recovery. Bacio needed a bit more time to recover than most dogs, so his therapy costs were different than a younger more muscular dog. I’d call around and ask for rough estimates if you’re worried about costs. I’d say all together, for the surgery, therapy, vet vists, etc. I probably spent a little over $3,000.

        1. Bacio has his procedures done by Dr. Rudowski in Fox Lake. Today he gets around like a champ! He’s still got a wiggle to his walk, but we were just hiking and camping this weekend and he didn’t slow us down one bit. He jumps over logs, goes swimming, and runs up the trails!

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