First Week After FHO Video

First Week After FHO Video

Sorry Guys, but better late than never.  I had some issues with the new computer, I haven’t been able to get the video on the machine.  It is semi fixed, but I’m still upset with Apple.  Here’s a little video of his first 8 days after the FHO surgery:

He walks pretty well in those videos and his leg looks much more defined than it is now.  That makes me sad.  I think the fall on the stairs really set us back recovery-wise.  However, today was his first therapy session and I have lots of pictures and a couple video clips from that.  I am going to write a more extensive post on that tomorrow, since it took me so long to get the video stuff worked out tonight.    Here is a little teaser picture from his hydrosession:

Uhhh… Ma, I’m not so sure about this….

2 thoughts on “First Week After FHO Video

  1. That hydro therapy-is that a tank? I was picturing a pool…..silly me. As long as he’s happy he’ll make it along just fine. There’s always setbacks in life, it’s when everything is going perfect, then you have to start worrying 😉 btw you have quite the number of hats.

    1. There is a resistance pool, but he’s not there yet. The tank’s floor is actually a treadmill, and he gets closed in there and it fills with water to his shoulders. Later today when I have a bit more time, I will write a detailed post about it, and if I can get the silly computer to cooperate, add some more video clips. Also, har har about the hats, I was joking with my mom about how if someone saw the video they’d think I wear the same thing everyday. I was at my dad’s longer than I anticipated (I thought 3-4 days so I only packed 1 pair of jeans), while I was there I bought a new Blackhawks hat, and then taught myself how to crochet and made the red hat at the end. Even though I’m trying to defend myself here, I really do have way too many hats. We won’t even talk about shoes.

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