First Vet visit after FHO

First Vet visit after FHO

Well I thought my pups were due for their shots, but I guess they only needed their heartworm check ups.  Since Bacio was limping all last week, and Yuki constantly has issues I kept the appointment anyway.  My dogs and I have been going to see Dr. Andy at Chicago Pet Clinic for as long as I’ve had them.  He’s really great, and puts up with my dog paranoia.  This was the first time since the surgery that Dr. Andy saw Bacio.  He said I did the right thing going ahead with the surgery and that because Bacio’s condition was so severe before the surgery, he will take much longer than your average dog to recover.  I was able to express my concerns with the way he walked and the limping.

Dr. Andy did some joint manipulation and range of motion tests.  He said that he’s about where he thought he’d be right now.  The good news is, he isn’t really experiencing much pain in the right leg, even with the manipulation.  So that puzzled me, since Bacio had been limping most of last week.  I inquired as to whether or not he thought my dog really was faking it for attention since I’ve been so busy with work lately.  The Dr. sort of smiled, I think he didn’t want to laugh, but he said that sometimes dogs can be really smart.  So there you have it, I have Sergio Busquets for a dog (for all you non-footy fans out there, Sergio Busquets is a player synonymous with diving and faking injuries in the game).

Yuki has had UTI issues in the past and I’m constantly paranoid about her kidneys, so we are running some blood work for her to make sure her levels are good.  The doctor examined her lady parts, and was a bit concerned…. She might have some weird lady part problem, and recommended getting a second opinion from a vet that looks at dog lady parts more often.  He said its not really an emergency, so whenever things settle down I will do that.

There you have it.  Bacio is a faker, and I got to have an awkward conversation with my vet about Yuki’s vajayjay.  What a day. 

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