Argggh. I’m so frustrated right now.  I’m mad at Bacio.  We were doing so well this morning.  We got some therapy exercises in, had some play time with Yuki, and then we were off for a stroll.  The weather is in the mid 30’s today, so off to the park we went.  We meandered through the not as muddy parts of the part, and the dogs caught up on their sniffs.  Everything had to be smelled, every tree, every odd shaped grass clump, every thing larger than a twig, and even just the air in general.

I didn’t know how long Bacio would be able to make it.  So we had a could breaks on the park benches just to be safe.  He did so well.  He even trotted a bit putting his leg down!  We were on our way home after about a mile long walk and he was still walking and doing great.  There are a few different doors I have to unlock once I get back to my house.  I was unlocking the last door to get inside, when I get jerked backwards and loose my footing.

A little probably 8 month old rottie pup was walking by with his owner and Bacio got so excited about it he tried to run down the 6 stairs of the front porch.  The only problem was that he was still on his leash, which was still on my wrist, and obviously still attached to me.  He got about halfway down the stairs before the slack was gone, stopping him mid-motion.  I honestly can’t tell you if he totally fell or just stumbled because my back was to him, but he wasn’t standing up straight.  I walked him down the rest of the stairs and he was limping again, but after he settled a bit he was putting the leg down lightly.  I used the leash as a sling to help him up the rest of the stairs, and he did ok.  He got in the apartment and sort of run-hopped to his bed to lay down.  He was still putting the leg down every now and then.  He also builds up a lot of heat in his muscle and joint when he’s in therapy, so I tried to see if that was the case today, and he wasn’t really much warmer than normal.

My fingers are crossed that he’s getting stronger now and that this little blip won’r effect him too much.  I really feel like as soon as we make decent progress something happens and we’ve taken two steps back.  Some days I wonder if he’s ever going to be walking again.  Then I get mad at him for being such a dumbass sometimes.