FHO Recovery Round 2, 2 weeks

FHO Recovery Round 2, 2 weeks

Wow. I don’t know if my little bear understands this time that this surgery is good for him or what, but this recovery has been leaps and bounds better.  So far at least, I’m hoping it stays this way.

A short clip of Bacio walking 5 days post surgery

Yesterday I took Bacio got his stitches out.  I had to physically remove him from the back seat of my car… It was the only time I had a slight fear that he may snap at me.  I got him inside and again, when it was our turn to walk to the back, he wouldn’t move.  I had to carry the giant baby to the treatment room.  After they took his stitches out, the vet tech said to me, “I hope I never have to see you again!”  Me and him both.

As far as his recovery goes, he’s been up and moving around great.  We walk about half a mile a day already!  He’s also been super cuddly.  In fact, I’ve had to write half this post with one hand cause he keeping begging for me to pet him or laying on my arm.

This is from the other night when he insisted on laying on my legs.

He’s also been very cuddly with Yuki too, the two of them have been laying right next to each other.  Surprisingly he’s the one that has been antagonizing Yuki to play and not the other way around so much.  He’s not even on any pain medications anymore.  I have some spare meds in he for whatever reason has a bad day, but I am holding off on keeping him on anything because he’s been doing so well.

We haven’t tried any stairs yet, so I am still crashing at my dad’s house for now.  I’m really nervous about the stairs because that is when his recovery took a turn for the worst last time.  I am going to give him all the time he needs to get some strength.  However, he seems to be up and ready to tackle the world already!  This second time around as been so much easier so far, I hope it says this way!

Cuddles with Yuki… Yuki doesn’t like being caught in the cuddle act.

6 thoughts on “FHO Recovery Round 2, 2 weeks

  1. I have an eight month old golden with hip dysphasia and vet recommends FHO. I’m scared to death. Is it the right thing to do? Any input would be greatly appreciated. My email is sheriekiley@yahoo.com. I just need to talk to someone who’s been through this so I can have some insight. Thanks. Sherie

    1. Sorry for the late reply sherie, did you have any specific question about the surgery? I’d like to keep your questions here in the comments so that if someone else feels the same way or has the same questions they’ll be able to see our conversation.

      1. She had surgery last Saturday. How how long was it before your dog started putting weight on his foot and also did you take him to therapy

        1. it took him a couple days before he was toe touching, and then maybe a week before he’d even limp on it. I did take him to therapy afer his first surgery. He did hydrotherapy, laser therapy, and controlled exercises with a therapist. It really helped him and his confidence. The second surgery I did the therapy myself. He still recovered but I think professional therapy would have strengthened his leg faster.

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