We’ve been in Florida for almost 2 weeks now.  Once we got over the long drive we were out and about.  Fort Myers beach is very dog friendly, as long as your dog is on a leash and you pick up after it, they can be anywhere on the beach.  We’ve been going there instead of the offleash beach just because Yuki doesn’t do so well with water and other large dogs she doesn’t know.

Unfortunately It’s really hard for me to bring my camera or cell phone to the beach and control the dogs, so I don’t really take shots of them there.  Yuki is terrified of the water. When I finally got her to come in for a bit she attacked the waves, but when a big one came and went over her head she  looked at me like “ef this I’m out”.  After these past 2 weeks I finally got her to swim a little today.  I got her to attack the waves at first again, and then I ran further in the water so she’d come in further and she did.  We stayed at the beach for about half an hour… Bacio does well, he doesn’t move around as much but he’s walking with us and I’m sure walking in the sand is a bit tough for him.

On days that we don’t go to the beach we take a couple half mile walks.  One day I brought them to a dog park, but I think Bacio over did it there.  He’s walking very well now, occasionally he limps, but only when he’s trying to go too fast or looking for attention.  I promised a video of him walking so I took one with my phone and uploaded it to instagram… here’s the link:

Bacio walking 11/28/13

He’s actually walking better in that clip than he has been the past few days since the dog park… I really think he over did it there.  But he’s still getting around.  I haven’t had to give him pain meds at all.  So far so good!

Since I can’t take pictures of them at the beach here’s one of when they get back into the car all wet!

Lets make the car smell like wet dog!