Falling down the stairs, Post FHO

Falling down the stairs, Post FHO

After Bacio took his tumble on Wednesday morning, I started panicking about whether or not he tore a ligament or something of the sort.  Many folks tried to keep me calm and told me to wait a day or two, that maybe he was just sore from the fall.  Well I didn’t see any improvement the following day, and contacted a vet friend.  His advice was to get him checked out just in case.

Today we stopped back in at Fox Lake Animal Hospital and had him examined.  The vet felt no tears in his knee or around his hip, Yay!  But he probably did injure himself in the fall and will take extra time to let the impact heal.  His prescription is more pain killers and cuddles, and no stairs.   We’ll go back in 2 weeks to get him looked at one more time.  I’m taking it day by day, and will probably pull out  a sewing kit to make a sling to hold his back end up when I do take him down stairs. I am also going to start searching out physical therapy options for him.

He’s so tired he fell asleep while eating his carrot.

He’s been a sleeping most the day, and staying quiet.  I took Yuki out in the snow… she loves that stuff.  I let her run a bit and then just left her outside.  She didn’t want to come in.  Photos of the snowdog:

Seriously… so psyched.

Watching the squirrels.

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