Well sorry I’ve been MIA, getting all my holiday preparations done.  Next week I will be pretty busy as well.  I’m going to Meh Hee Co.  My cousin is gunna be staying with the dogs (Thanks Courtney!).  And would you look at that! It’s close to 2 am on the day of the end of the world!  My two white dogs don’t seem to care too much.  Although they’ve been kind of a handful the past few days.  Yuki decided to snag a can of San Pelligrino the other day, punctured it with her teeth and turned my kitchen floor into a giant sticky mouse trap.  She also likes to go INTO the kitchen sink and pull dishes out now.  Dunno what I’m gunna do with her.

Bacio hasn’t been too much of a hassle but he never is.  He’s been a bed hog lately and tonight he’s been cowering because of the wind.  Today on our nighttime potty trip, he hid behind the fence of the yard and waited for Yuki to walk by and pounced on her.  Pretty funny, but Yuki didn’t think so.

But ya know, if this is the end of the world, laying in my bed covered in a blanket with Bacio by my feet and Yuki by my side wouldn’t be a bad way to go.   I even gave the dogs some pot roast and beef broth today.  So take care everyone on this end of the world day, and if we make it past today, Have a Merry Chirstmas to those who partake!