Dropped off for Surgery

Dropped off for Surgery


He had no idea why he got to go in the car without Yuki, but he was kinda digging it. When we pulled up to the vet he even did his excited whine because he was getting to go somewhere. Just so he didn’t hate me, I walked him around this grassy area in front of the clinic.

Once our name was called, we headed back to talk to the doctor about the FHO surgery itself and Bacio’s current condition. It seemed routine for him. I got a second to say bye to my pup and started tearing up. I know this is good for him though. I was in and out of there in about 20 min. I asked for someone to call me and let me know how everything went by the end if the day.

To make my morning a little better I actually decided to buy a latte. I rarely buy coffee, and prefer the stuff I make at home to most anything I find here. Before I even took a sip of said latte I reached for it and knocked it over. The thing emptied on the floor in seconds. Yuki has been pretty good though. She’s enjoying getting all the attention. She started her antibiotics too, but its still too early to know how she’s doing with that. I am back to bed now since a barely slept last night. G’night morning.

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  1. Good luck Bacio! Hang in there Sam, he will be right as rain soon enough and minus some pain. Yuki is going to go crazy with all the change in routine. They’ll be playing around again soon enough.

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