Dog UTI and A day left for the FHO

Dog UTI and A day left for the FHO

Well one full day left until I drop by pup off for surgery.  I am no longer as worried about the actual surgery as I am about the recovery.  I have found some resources online and gotten some advice from‘s forum.  I mean I’ll still be a wreck all day on Friday, but things are starting to come together.  Some things I’ve read suggest that the stairs are going to be a problem for a couple months… That would be a problem.

To prep Bacio for surgery I read that he needs to be on a high protein diet before and after the surgery.  Yesterday the dogs got tilapia and fresh spinach… Today I bought some stew meat and I have it simmering on the stove for them.

Unfortunately, I think Yuki has missed being in the spotlight with all the news about Bacio lately.  The other night she was sleeping and when she got up there was a bit of a wet spot.  Much to big to be condensation from her nose hidden under her tail.  I called the vet yesterday and they told me to drop off a urine sample to see if she has a UTI.

This morning I woke up, and usually I see maaaybe one other person on the walk… Today, the day that I have to get a container under my dog and catch her pee… There were about 4 people right outside.  Fun.  However I did manage to catch her pee and close the tupperware without getting any wee on myself. Win!

I’ll get her results tomorrow and an antibiotic if needed.  I also asked the vet receptionist if there was a note on my file calling me the crazy lady that calls too much.  She laughed at me, and told me it was better to be safe rather than sorry… But I’m still pretty sure there’s a note in there.

I’m gunna take Bacio and Yuki to a park tomorrow and chill out if I don’t freeze, and spend some quality time with Pre-Surgery Bacio.. (Hold it together Sam…)

Here’s a throwback pic of the fluffballs.

He loves her, and she won’t let anything bad happen to him.

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