Attempting Stairs after the FHO

Attempting Stairs after the FHO

We’ve spent our first night in Chicago since the surgery.  I moved my bed to the ground so that Bacio can sleep on the bed.  This morning I was getting ready for work and it was time to take him out.  The first trip down hardwood stairs.


He fell, his leg looked disgusting, almost at a 90 degree angle, soooo I carried him the rest of the way down the stairs.  My daily work out are now carrying Bacio up and down the stairs.  I felt so bad for him… But he didn’t seem to care so much once we were outside.  He limped a little outside, but was still putting the leg down… Hopefully its all good… I’m still a little terrified.

After work I went to Home Depot.  When approached and asked if I needed help finding something I told the guy I needed some sort of grip for stairs my stairs.  I told him I wanted it to be temporary and nothing that involved a staple gun.  He suggested sandpaper tape.  I veto’d.  He said I could glue down carpet patches…. I asked if there was a temporary tape I could lay down instead that was easy to remove and wouldn’t damage wood.  He got a weird look on his face…. we started to walk over to the carpeting section and he had a brilliant idea.  He said to take the non-slip rug grip and cut it to size and put it on the stairs.  YES!

I want to clean the stairs first and then I’ll get to Bacio-fying them.  In fact… I want to clean my entire apartment… I walked in after being gone for 2.5 weeks and I was like Ewww gross… how do I live here?

So on that note… I’m off to clean!


3 thoughts on “Attempting Stairs after the FHO

    1. Unfortunately, as the night went on tonight, I notice that he was less willing to move… He won’t put any weight whatsoever on that back leg, when before he’d hobble along. I’m hoping that he’s just sore from the fall and that nothing serious happened to his knee or hip. However, when I touch his leg he winces,even after I gave him his pain meds, and that makes me worry a lot.

  1. You filthy Pig!

    Bacio’s gonna miss all of this pampering once he get’s back on his feet…haha. He will be alright, just keep workin’ him. It will all come together.

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