Friday morning I woke up and finished some last minute packing of the car, loaded the pups and headed back to my apartment to drop my rent check off for December and to pick up our co-pilot for the drive.  We made a quick stop at Loyola Park while we were waiting for Nic to get off work.  For those not from Chicago, the city has 26 miles of beaches along the lakefront.  I thought it would be cool to take a picture of the dogs at the beach in Chicago before we headed to a beach in Florida.  Here’s the pre-departure shot:

Soooo Cold.

I couldn’t be outside for too long here because my hands were freezing off. Luckily Nic called within 10 min and I headed to pick him up.  We officially started our road trip around 3:15pm on Friday.  We drove through Chicago to Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and finally Florida.  Just past Nashville we switched drivers.  We’d stop about every 4 hours to stretch, pee, eat, get gas, whatever we needed to do.  The dogs just slept in the back seat.  Yuki would pop her head up every time she heard a bag crinkle or smelled the beef jerky open.  Bacio just didn’t care about anything.

We got to Orlando around 11:30am on Saturday.  The dogs were happy for the detour to Orlando and being able to spend a bit of time stretching out.  Nic stayed in Orlando and the rest of the drive to southwest Florida was all on me.  I stopped by and said Hello to some friends in Dade City, they have a ranch and the dogs had a nice long walk around the ranch and even got to say Hi to some horses, cats, and chickens!  After that little break it was time to finish the drive, and I ended up arriving at my destination around 7:15pm.

I’ve been here for about 4 days now, been to an off leash dog beach, walking around the downtown area, and today I went to Fort Myers Beach.  I took the second pictures of the dogs by the beach today:

Cloudy but warmer than Chicago!

Yuki doesn’t know what to do with herself here.  She’s chasing lizards, but not sure what to do with them, she hates the ocean, but she’s loving all the exploring.  Bacio is just Bacio… I get him outside and he just wants to soak up the sun and that’s about it.  He’s  been in the water twice, but everyday we’re walking too.  I think the car ride was tough on his leg, and he’s finally starting to get moving again.

I’ll get some video of Bacio’s walking soon! Also, I post pictures and videos on Instagram all the time, just look for my2whitedogs.

Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving, and remember to be smart about what you feed your dog!