Yuki won’t be getting Turkey, will your pooch?

Yuki won’t be getting Turkey, will your pooch?

With Thanksgiving only a few days away, I feel the need to remind all my friends and family that may see Yuki on Thanksgiving to refrain from giving her turkey.  For most dogs scraps of turkey are perfectly fine, especially white meat, without fat or skin (its bad for the dogs and can lead to pancreatitis).  Yuki, however, is allergic to fowl, that’s chicken, duck, and turkey among other bird meat.

Since dogs can’t talk, dog owners need to be aware of symptoms that may indicate an allergy and know their dog’s overall behavior.  With Yuki, we noticed a patch of fur missing on her belly and her ears were getting really dirty inside.  I initially thought it may be mange, but was told to watch for other signs like paw biting and not so solids coming out the solid end.  (Thanks Peter and Tigger for the tip!).  After a trip to the vet it was confirmed, and it took over a month for her body to get rid of all the “toxins” from the chicken-based food she’d been eating for so long.

Now, I know Yuki is oh so freakin’ adorable, and you’re like, “but I wanna give her something to enjoy Thanksgiving with us!”  Never fear, there are plenty of other dog-safe Thanksgiving food options for Yuki.  Here’s some foods that are safe for dogs on Turkey Day:

  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Veggies, like beans, brussel sprouts, lettuce, carrots
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • A taste of cranberry sauce (the sugars aren’t the best for dogs)
  • Pumpkin
  • Gravy
  • Turkey, if the dog isn’t Yuki

Remember that you shouldn’t give your dogs a heaping plate of this stuff, all in moderation, like a little taste is ok.  Butters, salts, and oils are not good and most the stuff we eat on this holiday are packed with that.  Sugars should be avoided too, especially artificial sweeteners, they are extremely toxic to dogs.  Foods heavily seasoned should be avoided.  Herbs (sage, rosemary, etc) are not good for dogs, the essential oils in them cause stomach and nervous system problems.  Also be aware that raisins and grapes are toxic to dogs, along with onions and too much garlic.  Dogs should avoid stuffing and bread as their stomachs don’t break down the carbs very well.  Most important, NO BONES! Bones can splinter and get lodged in your dogs throat, intestines, or stomach.  Avoid a trip to the emergency vet and make sure your dog doesn’t get ahold of any bones.

Hope this helps!  Yuki says if you happen to drop sweet potatoes or green beans, she’ll happily clean up the mess.  Have a safe holiday everyone!


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