Day 1 Post FHO Surgery

Day 1 Post FHO Surgery

Well we’ve pretty much made it through the first day.  Why don’t we start from getting to the vet to pick him up…

Pulling into the parking lot I noticed a woman walking her dog, didn’t think much of it, was mostly thinking about finding a spot to park since they are always busy.  I parked and started getting out of my car and this little fluff ball was right outside my door… I tried to catch it but the woman came running for him and he tried to bolt… lucky for her his escape route was to leap right into my car.  She was very apologetic and I was told her that we were both there because we were dog owners so its not like there’s never been a dog in my car…

When I was waiting for the vet techs to bring me my boy I got to say Hi to lots of adorable pitties.  There were 4 of them there.  Then I saw Bacio’s head pop around the corner… He looked as terrified as ever.  He didn’t see me yet, so I walked to where he could and he was whining and wiggling and just making a huge scene…. but I loved every second of it.  He was able to limp around quite well and would let his toes touch the ground when standing still.

I really thought that he’d be more groggy, tired and in pain.  Actually it’d probably be better if he was…  He doesn’t like the idea of the crate at all… I had to go in there first to get him to come in.  He’s also reluctant to let me help him get around.  He wants to run around already.  Keeping him and Yuki apart after he’s starting to move around more is going to be really tough.  I’ve spend most of the day with Yuki leashed of to one part of the room and Bacio to the other with a buffer space in the middle that I’m laying in.

Bacio has been able to eat and drink.  He has gone pee a couple of times and he was even able to poop tonight!  That’s a pretty big deal since he can’t really put weight on one leg and a poop position for a dog is not the most comfortable position for a pup with a sawed off bone.  So far he hasn’t licked the stitches, but I don’t know if I’m going to trust him as he starts feeling better and better.

As far as his rehab and recovery goes, these next two weeks he is to stay very quiet.  He should only be moving around to go to the bathroom and no stairs or jumping at all.  After the stitches come out, we start walking more and more.  I was told 9 weeks until him and Yuki can be left alone together.  This really will be the hard part.  I will keep everyone posted and try to get more pictures and videos up.  Thanks again to every who helped in any way, even if it was just sending me a message yesterday or keeping us in your thoughts.  I’m off to make my bed floor comfortable.

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